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Floor Plan
Located on D09 Orchard/River Valley, the high standard area of Singapore Kopar at Newton is a Condo development housing surrounded by greenery and other condominium private housings. Kopar condominium architectural is based on two buildings in common with each other having 378 residential units.

Vast Area, Sublime Location and Wide Range of units in Kopar at Newton Floor Plan manifest the high standard of this condo housing development on River Valley. Reaching the height of building one can relish the beautiful vision of the blue sky. One can take a breath in a clean atmosphere centered in a fresh green environment.

Why would anyone deny to the splendor of Kopar Condominium in Newton after finding his dream fulfilling on one land? Mental satisfaction is key to success which can be attained only by living in a peaceful environment as Kopar housing development plan.

 Along with luxuries and ease of life, the need for Education, Health and Food and other materialistic needs were also kept in view for the higher progress of our project and to maintain the uniqueness of Kopar at Newton Condominium

Kopar at Newton Floor plan emphasis on privacy, comfort, and affordability of the purchaser. Two towers in common with each other have different floor plans including Bedrooms, Attached Bathrooms, Kitchen and Balcony. Every floor has a Balcony of 5 to 12 square meters, the lengths of the balcony depend on the Area of flat.

Here is the explanation of our different Floor plans

Type 1B1

This floor plan consists of the Area of 48 square meters included 3 square meters a/c Ledge and 5 square meter Balcony. There is a Master Bedroom and Master Bathroom in this floor plan. The living room is behind the balcony and Dining is in between Kitchen and Living Room.
It can be an ideal floor plan for a single person as well as a couple. All Basic needs of privacy and comfort are kept in view for making this floor plan. If you are seeking leisure and ease in your life, our floor plane will add to your enjoyment in life.

Type 2C1

Having an area of 57 square meters with 3 square meters a/c Ledge and 5 square meters Balcony this floor plan is vast and fascinating. With one Master Bedroom and has one more Bedroom relatively smaller in size and with these two Bedrooms, one extra bedroom can also be taken as optional. The rest of the floor plan is the same as 1B1 and has Living, Dining, and Kitchen it. This Floor Plan is best suited for a small family and will maintain the privacy of parents in the presence of their children because other Bedrooms and Master Bedrooms have much space in them. It can be called as finest Floor Plane for a small happy family.

Type 2D1

Floor Plan of 64 square meter Area with 3 square meters a/c Ledge and 5 square meter Balcony have two Bedrooms, two Bathrooms and each of them is of Master type. These bedrooms are enclosed with each other and bathrooms are also enclosed. Bedrooms and Bathrooms are opposite to each other. Moreover, Dining, Living and Kitchen area on the other side of the floor plane behind the Balcony.
 It seems, this Floor Plane is Specified for young couple, colleague students of far off cities studying in the nearby famous schools. Also young couples who are thinking of starting up a small family can also share this apartment. What a beautiful blend of privacy and comfort. You would love to stay here.

Type 3C1 

Undoubtedly this Kopar At Newton floor plan would be vast than the previous floor plan as we are going in sequence elaboration. Are you excited to know about 3C1 specifications?
So here is the Area of this plane that is 89 square meters with 5 square meters a/c Ledge and 6 square meter Balcony. What an amazing for having three Bedrooms and two Bathrooms in one apartment suitable both for big families and room-mates. Having two bathrooms in it, Kitchen is also wider than previous floor plans. Here the Dining and Living Room behind Balcony is the same as above floor plans but wider than before.

Type 3D1     

This Floor plan has an area of 102 square meters, a balcony of 6 square meters and a/c Ledge of 6 square meters too. The uniqueness of this floor plan is in having one Wardrobe and one Household Shelter in it.
The numbers of Bedrooms are three and one of them is Master Bedroom which is opposite to the other two bedrooms have space in them and Master Bathroom is also enclosed to Master Bedroom. the second Bathroom is on the right side of the master Bedroom and opposite to the other two Bedrooms behind House Shelter. Dining in between Kitchen and Living Room is on the right side of Shelter House is a place of relaxation and comfort. Here Kitchen is much wider than previous floor plans.You can avail of the option of one extra Bedroom and Wardrobe too if you want too but it is all about your choice. You can have anything and any floor of your own will at the best affordable prices.

Type 4D2

Just imagine about the leisure of 102 square meter Area floor plan with 7 square meters a/c Ledge and 12 square meters Balcony. Here you can have your private Lift Lobby, Private Lift, Junior Suite, and Dry Kitchen. This will be amazingly super fascinating for anyone who wants to keep his standard high, maintain his/her privacy and lots of comfort or pleasure in life.
Here are 4 numbers of Bedrooms one of which is a Master Bedroom. Along with One Master Bathroom and one junior bathroom in this apartment, the number kitchen has also been increased from one to two in this plane though 2nd is kind of Dry Kitchen and Cooking lovers know much about its significance. Master Bathroom has a long bathtub in it with a 24-hour facility of water. Dining, Living, Shelter House and Walking-Wardrobe are also a part of this beautiful floor plan.
What else you want for your rich lifestyle? All your wishes can come to true after having this condominium full of pleasure and leisure with maximum comfort in it.

Type 5L1a

Here is the last type of floor plan. Although it is last but not least in features. Are you thinking of having 5 bedrooms in one apartment? Then you are the right place.
Our 5L1a have one Master Bedroom and four other Bedrooms with four numbers of Bathrooms through bedroom number 5 is quite optional. Master Bathroom, Master Bedroom, a/c Ledge, and Walking Wardrobe are on the one side of the apartment. So sophisticated ones can intact their privacy and comfort in a separately. 
Two bedrooms and two bathrooms, on the right side Master Bedroom and Walking Wardrobe, are on the opposite of each other. Again you see the art of architecture over here done so beautifully. Now moving further on the right side through space provided in the condominium. Unit , we can find a Balcony of 10 square meters in the area of 169 square meters. Behind Balcony, there is a living room and Dining divided equally then space comes and behind this space there a Dry Kitchen enclosed to a Powder Room. Then a Wide Kitchen comes in the last part of this Area of Balcony.
In the most-right corner of this plan, there is again a Bedroom and Bathroom enclosed to each other, then instead of space there a Private Lift Lobby with Private lift and Utility Yard is also a part of the right apartment.
  Now we end up with an area and many rooms in them. Every Kopar at Floor plan has the specification that makes it unique in its structure. Kopar at Newton Site Plan is a detailed plan which is designed with space , comfort, luscious landscape and activities area for the purchasers in Mind.

Some of the salient features of Kopar at Newton are listed below

· Vast Commercial Area and modern Shopping Malls near to Kopar at Newton
· State-of-the-Art transport system
· Restaurants and hawker centre is near for food lovers.
· Swimming pool and Sports Facilities
· Famous Schools within 1 or 2km
· International Standard Hospital
· 24 hours availability of security guards

Kopar at Newton is highly unique in all of its features and Kopar at Newton Price is targeted to be affordable with such luxurious fittings and facilities, amidst this current Situation. At CEL Development Pie Ltd , we will put all our efforts and try our level best to keep care of our purchasers. It is a great opportunity for the citizens of Singapore to invest in this extra-ordinary development which has been well designed and carefully drafted in the Kopar at Newton Floor Plan. Home is where you invest for the comfort of your rest of life. Look no father as you can find all of your ease at in this single condominium Kopar at Newton .

It’s an exclusive development nested on a spacious plot, mathematically the entire site has a total of 3260 square meters of Gross Floor Area and the total site area is 11,643.2 square meters with 378 total number of units. Our goal is to attain the best for our Clients. Do not miss this opportunity and make an appoint to view this wondrous development by CEL Development Newton Pie Ltd now.


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